Araldite takes a drum roll

This drumkit once belonged to top musician Carlos Hercules and has been gigged all over the world.

It was onstage at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics and was the first kit to be played at the new opening of the Wembley Arena.





DW drums are the Ferrari of percussion but even they need a little TLC.  The bass drum hoop has broken.










It's a failure caused through wear so there is some gap filling required.










Araldite(R) Standard two-part epoxy is ideal - using the 24ml twin syringe pack.










Remove the re-seal cap from the middle of the plunger ready to fit over the nozzles after dispensing the product.







Using the single plunger ensures that identical volumes of resin and hardener are dispensed.










Mixing thoroughly for 30 seconds






we separated the two ends and applied adhesive to both parts.










The hoop was 'braced' overnight while the adhesive achieved full strength.






It's done and refitted - now regularly in use again.






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While ARALDITE RAPID does not contain any highly toxic components, it also does not meet the very strict standards required in order to be considered an acceptable food contact material in the EU. Thus we cannot support using a mug glued with ARALDITE RAPID.  

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