Create Christmas

Using Araldite adhesives we decided to make a table centerpiece and place settings for a Christmas dinner. We bought silver spray, ribbon, poms-poms and tinsel strips at Hobbycraft, which also stocks selected Araldite® products. Cheap terracotta pots are available at any garden centre.



For our project we chose Araldite® Crystal Fix and Araldite® Super Glue in gel form.







Spray the terracotta pots - follow manufacturers recommendations. You'll find the small pots can be done together.





The large pot needs a protective base to prevent any damage to the table or tablecloth. We applied small blobs of Araldite® Crystal Fix at regular spaces around the base.




and used an old coaster as our protective cover. Araldite® Crystal Fix dries clear and sets in 20 seconds with light pressure applied so it was ideal to position the coaster accurately.







We measured the circumference of the large pot, and marked positions for the pom-poms with a felt tip pen





applied a generous blob of Araldite® Crystal Fix to the pom-pom





and held in position for 20 seconds until secure, repeating the procedure for each pom-pom in turn.





We were now ready to stick the tinsel strips using Araldite® Super Glue in instant gel format. First we eased the strips into a curve that matched the rim of the bowl.






Araldite® Super Glue Instant Gel dries in seconds - its gel consistency means it won't run or 'drop' on vertical or porous surfaces.






In applying the strip we used a pen barrel to keep light pressure at the bond for a few seconds.








Much the same approach was used on the small pots, this time cutting the strips to fit first.





With some candles and holly our centerpiece and place settings look really 'Christmassy'. You can fill the large bowl with any non-flammable material - we used ordinary garden gravel.




A unique and attractive table dressing and place setting to welcome your family or guests. All ready for a great Christmas dinner. As a finishing touch we used Araldite® Crystal Fix to glue a strip of festive ribbon around the candle.





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