Tom Lawton brought this to our attention on out Go-Araldite® Twitter page.

He discovered that when the light was poor at night and he wanted to use his headphones, he'd drop a bubble of Araldite® on the back of one earpiece so he could feel for the correct one for the correct ear.

Innovative idea!

We had some great photos sent to us from our Twitter page.






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Art student Theodora Sutton sent us photos of her recent art project entitled '140 characters'; created with Geomag sticks, nickle plated steel balls and Araldite®, on top of a walnut table stand.

A French University in Toulouse has helped design and manufacture a lightweight, energy efficient vehicle called the TIM 05, using Araldite®.

Araldite® has also been used to bond many other details on the vehicle.

In the 2010 Shell Eco-marathon, the TIM 05 was awarded the Technical Innovation prize and set a world record for a vehicle running on bio-ethanol.










Dedicated DIY enthusiast, Pascal Tournache thanks Araldite® for their support and help in his recent Red Glider project, using Araldite® Standard adhesive for construction of his amazing model.





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Disaster when I dropped one of my favourite pair of 'Labrador' mugs - given to me as a present.






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My Broken Specs - too expensive to bin.

My local store recommends Araldite® Crystal because it sets clear.








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Araldite® is great for all sorts of repair jobs around the home. Here's how I fixed my bike pump...

The problem : the broken lid came off my bike pump.







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