Araldite® saves the rock show

The first 'gig' for a newly formed rock band is always a nervous affair, especially when there are equipment problems to deal with on the opening number of the set. So it was definitely a case of Araldite to the rescue recently when a vital element of the drummer's kit suffered a catastrophic failure.





Rock aficionados will be familiar with the first few bars of Aerosmith's 'Sweet Emotion', a quiet introduction that features a percussion instrument known as a 'Vibra-slap', which produces an effect not unlike the sound of a rattlesnake's tail. 









Final rehearsals came to an untimely end when the equipment in question fell apart - requiring an urgent application of Araldite Instant to get going again.

























The results were perfect - thanks to Araldite Instant, Rock 'N' Roll will never die.





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