Araldite for the Motorist

Motoring Emergency? Get you there and get you home ideas from Araldite

Motorists can make up their own emergency repair kit using Araldite® adhesives. Here are some ideas to help them choose.

A snag or a tear in a tyre can signal trouble in store but as an emergency measure to stop further immediate damage use Araldite® Super Glue. Available in either liquid or gel format, it will bond rubber in seconds on a tyre wherever these is no escape of air.

This tear was the result of 'kerbing' but with Araldite® Super Glue the bond was still intact after a 120-mile journey.









Araldite® Fusion is available in a 'one-application' 3g and multi-use 10g syringe which gives you all the power of a two-part epoxy without the need for mixing. Replacing badges and re-attaching trim is simple, quick and accurate using this smart pack as are repairs to windscreen wipers and mouldings.








For emergency repairs to pipes, radiators and tanks, Araldite® Repair Bar is easily moulded to shape by hand and will set in minutes, even on wet surfaces.

Later is can be sanded, drilled or painted and, of course, it will never rust, so it can also be used on minor bodywork jobs.




Interior fabric repairs may not constitute an emergency but they can be really irritating if you are a car-proud motorist. Araldite®'s Indoor Fix is a transparent one-part adhesive that will deal with leather, fabric and carpeting - it's also recommended for use on non-plastic luggage.







In this case an expensive looking tear on the passenger seat of a high priced, luxury SUV which started out as a temporary solution was scarcely noticeable and has turned into a permanent repair, avoiding a very expensive leather re-upholstery bill.







Motorists may like to know that many Araldite® products can be bought from branches of Halfords, see for full details.




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