Araldite for the Motorist

Araldite on the move

The launch of Araldite's extended product range and the availability of its products in Halfords branches seems to have struck a chord with Britain's motorists - especially those who like to camp or tour.

Recent promotions to the UK's camping and caravanning fraternity have been highly successful and the inclusion of products like Araldite® Metal Repair and Araldite® Super Glue have encouraged more and more drivers to keep Araldite products in their glove compartment or toolbox.

Araldite® Metal Repair, as its name suggests, is a particularly useful item to have around. In an emergency it can be used to repair tanks, radiators, exhausts, tools and equipment. It will start to harden within 5 minutes and cures to a tough, steel-grey finish.

The material is very easy to use, just by cutting the required amount off and kneading it between the fingers - preferably while wearing gloves - until it is uniform in appearance. If camping, caravanning, touring or boating it's good to know that within 72 hours Araldite® Metal Repair can be sanded and drilled ready for the onward journey or the return trip home.

Crucially it will set even in damp conditions and is water, oil, chemical and impact resistant so it should readily deal with most motoring emergencies. It also has impressive temperature resistance, between 40°C and 120°C so whatever the climate you're holidaying in it will work just fine.

For more detailed repair work Araldite's Super Glues in either liquid or gel form are recommended. Very strong and rapid bonding they are ideal for fixing badges and trim, sealing strips and the like. For the caravanners, there are always plenty of repair jobs to do during the winter months, reattaching trims and handles or repairing the multitude of accessories which collect in cupboards and drawers.

The gel formula is especially handy for applications where it is difficult to hold the two parts to be bonded in a horizontal position, including in those hard-to-get at nooks and crannies.

Araldite's range of adhesive is marketed in the UK by Velcro Limited.


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