Araldite for the Motorist

Araldite Crystal Fix repair avoids expensive car seat bill

Araldite® Crystal Fix, a transparent, rapid-setting paste adhesive for interior bonding and fitting work, has saved at least one motorist from a hefty leather seat repair bill.

The tear in the fabric was caused by a sharp-edged metal frame and the missing shred was never recovered.

A piece of 'spare' leather from under the driver seat was cut off and shaped to cover the tear.










Araldite® Crystal Fix was applied evenly across the patch directly from the tube inside the car.










Firm pressure was applied while the adhesive set in just 20 seconds and the result is a neat, discreet repair that has saved hundreds of pounds on re-upholstery.

Motorists looking for similar repair savings may like to know that a full range of Araldite® adhesives is available in branches of Halfords as well as hardware groups and independent retailers.

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