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Top tips from the team at Araldite Professional Adhesives

Adhesives, or "glue" as most of us refer to them, may not be the most exciting addition to your workbox but they have two wonderful attributes.

They make AND mend things in a way no nails, screws, nuts and bolts can do - with a clean and often invisible join that is very satisfying on the eye.

So what exactly does an adhesive do? It's a much more complicated answer than you might expect, but put at its most basic adhesives create a near-perfect layer of 'cohesive contact' between two parts. If you think of jam in a sandwich you won't be far off.

For the hobbyist and craft enthusiast there is further good news in the fact that manufacturers such as Araldite® have created specialist formulations and easy to use packs that apply the right amount of the right adhesive in the right place. You can even find a product selector on the website which will start with the materials you want to glue and end with a product recommendation.

Specialist products like Araldite® Crystal will be of particular interest as it's a completely clear adhesive that you can use on jewellery, glass, ceramics and porcelain as well as cardboard and fabrics. A general purpose adhesive such as Araldite® Standard will give you a really strong, durable bond on bigger tasks, for instance with wood, metal, leather, rubber and most plastics. There is even a multi-purpose Repair putty which you mix up like dough and will fill gaps.

Whichever adhesive you choose there are some important guidelines to follow so that you get the perfect result.

  • Do read the instructions on the pack
  • Do clean and prepare the surfaces to be bonded
  • Remember that adhesives achieve maximum strength over time, so don't give the join an extreme "test" immediately you've achieved a bond.

If you have any worries about using glues here are some reassuring facts about Araldite® Professional Adhesives.

They are all solvent-free, with modern formulations that mean you'll see no "dead tree/dead fish" logos on the packs.

Finally for anyone who's struggled with frustrating packaging, Araldite® blister packs are produced in the UK in an easy-open format that also enables you to separate plastic and cardboard for recycling.

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