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Araldite on the side of the angels

Keen gardener Roddy Clenaghan noticed his resident angel had apparently suffered a crash landing - result, one broken wing.

Just hours later the cherubic guardian was back on duty, courtesy of Araldite Standard adhesive.




Araldite® Standard is one of the brands trademark high strength epoxy products. With good gap filling properties and a temperature tolerance of -30 oC to 65oC it's ideal for this job.

Here's how the repair was made.





Brush loose particles and dirt off both parts to be bonded.








 Araldite® Standard packaging is eco-friendly and easy to use - just slip the blister free of its backing card






The double-barrelled syringe pack has some smart features; break off the cap and just one plunger delivers equal amounts of resin and hardener.





There is an integral re-closure cap to keep the adhesive in good condition and a snap-off mixing spatula






Resin and hardener are thoroughly mixed in seconds






Araldite® Standard was applied to both surfaces and the wing then attached using firm pressure for about 30 seconds.








Maximum bond strength is achieved in 14 hours - and the angel is restored to glory.






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