Start-of-term is a notoriously expensive time for parents, especially if there is more than one child involved.

Items such as trainers, sports boots, satchels and bags can all be effectively repaired, saving hundreds of pounds on the family budget. Splicing and bonding leather or fabric strips, for example, will produce a robust, long-lasting repair. Araldite® Repair or Araldite® Fusion is ideal for this type of application and the 3g applicator version is perfect for re-attaching tags or soles on sports boots and trainers where careful application is required without opening up the surfaces to be bonded any further.

Araldite's extended range also includes Super Glues which are ideal for repairs on close fitting surfaces where precise glueing and quick results are needed. Irritating but easily 'fixable' things like cracked pen tops, mobile phone casings and lunch boxes fall into this category.

The 'grab' adhesives, Araldite® Instant Fix and Araldite® Crystal Fix, come in squeezable 55ml and 200ml tubes and are perfect for larger surface area repairs such as canvas bags or file covers.

Replacing music cases and bags can be almost as expensive as buying the instruments themselves so Araldite® Standard's strength and durability offers consumers a much more affordable option - repair rather than replace.


For younger children, particularly those getting hand-me-downs from older siblings, parents can recreate the excitement of a new purchase by embellishing pencil cases and pots, storage boxes and book bindings with buttons, beads, braid and textiles.



Araldite's extended range that includes epoxies, super glues and the 'grab' adhesives, can stick virtually anything to anything.

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