Araldite's packaging - an applications kits for users

Araldite® epoxy adhesives have established a reputation over decades for strength and effectiveness. In the 'glue market' consumers talk about 'Araldite' in the same way they use the terms 'biro' and 'hoover'.

The current Araldite® range has been increased to include one-part adhesives, 'super' glue and fillers but it is still the classic two-part resin and hardener formulation that defines Araldite®'s market position.

The iconic product may go back a long way but even a cursory glance at the packaging shows how much the brand has developed its proposition. Nowhere is this clearer than in the packaging.


Araldite® Standard packaging, for example, starts by addressing a main key issue for consumers - usability. Araldite®'s packaging is reassuringly understated - primarily a black and white design with some simple application graphics and a full size clear 'blister' pack that shows you exactly what you're getting.






Look closer, however, and you'll see that the company has addressed the issue that bugs most consumers - the apparently simple process of getting the product off the pack.

While many manufacturers seemingly concentrate on keeping blister and backing card together, often resulting in packs that are harder to crack than Fort Knox, Araldite® has perfected a simple 'slide-out' arrangement that releases the product in seconds. For those who care about the planet, it becomes apparent this has great benefits for easy recycling and this is reinforced by an environmentally friendly product formulation.

The syringe pack itself is not just an efficient product dispenser but a veritable kit of parts to make application, use and re-use as efficient as possible.

First and foremost, the twin-barreled pack will dispense equal measures of resin and hardener simply by depressing the plunger. This most important element of product effectiveness is thus 'built-in' to the pack.








In addition there are integral 'extras' to ensure clean storage and accurate application - a snap off closure is replaced after use with the reseal cap, itself cleverly contained within the      syringe handle.








There is also an easily detachable application spatula, which conveniently works both to mix and accurately apply the adhesive.





As a final touch, the reseal cap is 'design-coded' so that it can only refit to the nozzles one way round, so avoiding any contamination between the twin nozzles.

In the industrial section Araldite® products are extensively specified and used by design engineers and manufacturers. In the consumer domain the same rigorous standards are applied on product design to ensure DIYers and professional tradesmen achieve equally high outcomes.


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