Araldite gets it 'in the bag'

This beautiful calf leather bag cost hundreds of pounds - thanks to Araldite® it is back in use - and the owner likes it even better with a little more 'brand value'.


Araldite® adhesives are not just for making and mending, they can be used for decorative work too.

Here we show how, using Araldite® Fusion, Araldite® Rapid and a little ingenuity, the life of an expensive and favourite Italian leather bag was 'saved'.






Horrors! A pen has leaked inside the bag and an unsightly stain has seeped through the lining











Inside the bag, however, there is a 'cool' brand panel, which might just provide the solution





First we carefully remove the metal nametag










Then detach the panel






We then apply one-shot Araldite® Fusion - its precise nozzle applicator is ideal for the task, to re-attach metal nametag to leather panel






To make sure positioning is correct, we apply low-tack masking tape around the in-position panel






Then, using the twin tubes of Araldite® Rapid






We mix for 30 seconds






Then apply to the panel -






and the bag






Positioning with gentle but firm pressure the bond is secure enough to remove masking tape and after just 5 minutes






After 3 hours it's achieved maximum bond strength and we're good to go!








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