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It doesn't take long as a DIY-er or professional tradesman to work out that adhesives are sticky stuff. Applying them was traditionally a somewhat messy affair unless great care was taken both when opening the packs and dispensing the product.

During the golden age of branding and advertising, through the 60's and 70's when manufacturers were all waking up to consumer power, the ubiquitous blister pack revolutionised user packaging and the new point-of-sale presentation enabled retailers to optimize the profit delivered from the space available.

Packaging has moved a long way since then. Increased regulation and consumer awareness of eco-issues has once more changed the landscape. Consumer safety now sits alongside concern for the environment as equally important issues which suppliers must address to help the retailer maintain confidence in the range of products on-shelf.

In the adhesives business this is particularly true. 'Glues', after all, are based on chemical formulations, Super and Instant glues have added an additional duty of care and the abuse of solvents is a further concern for retailers.

Araldite®, traditionally known for the strongest of two-part epoxy adhesives, has significantly broadened its range over recent years to include Cyanoacrylates (Super Glue), contact adhesives, fillers and 'putties'.

While each of these presents its own challenges in terms of packaging for maximum consumer appeal, there is also the need to deliver a comprehensive product range that is safe, easy to use and as kind as possible to the environment.

Like its approach to product development, Araldite® has chosen innovation to be at the heart of its offer. Packaging has been developed that features re-closures on neat applicators, so that two-part epoxies such as Araldite® Standard, can be delivered with one 'action' from syringe packs without clogging. The simple, snap-off resealable cap can be re-fitted to close and seal the nozzle.

Other epoxies such as Araldite® Fusion offer a 'one-shot' solution with an integral nozzle/applicator which consumers activate by a quick pulling motion.

The recently added Araldite® Wood Repair and Araldite® Metal Repair products, which require more volume of material for substantial repair and filling tasks, have been packaged for purpose with twin 47g mini-cans that feature ring tops for easy opening and include resealable plastic caps to ensure safe and effective storage.

Araldite® has also taken care to address the question of re-cycling for consumers. In an era where virtually every UK local authority uses wheelie bins and nearly 6 million households have seen the size of these reduced by councils to save money and hit recycling targets, this is a live issue for the packaging industry and the retailer.

Araldite® has developed a system which takes the frustration out of opening blister or clamshell packs. Almost all its products feature a perforated backing card which when folded allows the blister to slip out, saving fingernails along with the environment! The parts can be simply disposed of, with plastic and cardboard efficiently separated for recycling. In addition, no solvents are used in product formulations.

Araldite® adhesives are used not only by consumers and DIY-ers but also extensively by professionals - tradesmen and craftsmen who rely on their consistent performance characteristics and dependability. While the latter group is generally aware of the need for proper preparation and application, not all consumers are equally well versed. Understanding this, Araldite® offers step-by-step instructions on the back of all its packaging, accompanied by clear graphics.

The requirement for packaging that sells is now balanced finely with the need for consumer protection and concern for the environment.

With its latest packaging developments Araldite® is aiming for a blend of style, sustainability and a common sense approach to product use which it believes stockists will value as much as users.


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