Antique Clock Repair




Use Araldite Repair to restore an Antique Clock








This Victorian Welch Wood and Faux Marble Mantle Clock has lost its footing.












One of the metal claw feet has been  badlly broken and deformed so that it cannot be re-attached using the holding plate.










Someone has tried and failed to make a repair using conventional adhesive - the problem is that the foot is bent and will not form a proper joint with the base of the clock.










We decided to use Araldite(R) Repair - it's a putty that fills and bonds.










First we carefully removed some of the old adhesive using a small screwdriver.











Then, after cleaning both the surface of the clock and foot of dirt and dust we kneaded Araldite(R) Repair for a couple of minutes until it was uniform in colour.














We applied a generous amount, forming the putty around the clock base.














We overlaid the putty across the break between the foot and the holding plate - no need to smooth finish as the repair is out of sight.














And then firmly applied pressure in replacing the claw foot.














Our Mantle Clock is successfully restored to both use and view.












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