Building a bird box

We used Araldite® Outdoor Fix to build a nice bird box for the garden.
Using the template drawing, cut out the components from a single piece of 12mm exterior plywood measuring 150mm wide x approximately 1150mm, allowing for cuts. Seal the surfaces and edges with a PVA varnish. 
STEP 1 Assemble the components.
STEP 2 Apply Araldite® Outdoor Fix to the edge of the first section (back of the box).
STEP 3 Place one of the sides along the adhesive strip.
STEP 4 Apply light pressure until secure.
STEP 5 Apply a further amount of Araldite® Outdoor Fix to the join.
STEP 6 With a damp cloth, run your finger down the join to ensure a smooth finish.
STEP 7 Repeat steps 2 to 6 to secure other side of the box.
STEP 8 Apply Araldite® Outdoor Fix to top of both side sections, position box front and apply light pressure until secure.
STEP 9 Apply Araldite® Outdoor Fix to the top of all sections, position top of bird box and apply gentle pressure until secure. Ensure all faces are complete and that the edges fit closely. Fill any gaps with the adhesive.
STEP 10 Wipe away any excess adhesive.
STEP 11 Apply generous amount of Araldite® Outdoor Fix to back of bird box.
STEP 12 Position bird box on the wall and hold until the adhesive grabs the box.
You may like to include a landing rail - just make a small hole in the front of the box and secure with Araldite® Outdoor Fix adhesive. For added protection, fix a piece of roofing felt or plastic to the top of the box.
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